Specializing in contemporary art and a history of more than 20 years, ART OSAKA is the longest-running art fair in Japan. Since its establishment in 2002, the fair continues to be managed by gallery owners, with their needs in mind. It has continuously contributed to the fostering of contemporary artists and the promotion of a healthy art market, emphasizing the importance of shaping the history of contemporary art with collectors and art professionals together.
The sale of artworks plays an important role in the promotion of culture in contemporary art, and proactive involvement with each and every business and citizen helps support art culture. ART OSAKA promotes enjoyment in both purchasing and owning artwork, and also in the social significance of collecting contemporary art.

Association for the Promotion of Contemporary Art in Japan (APCA Japan)


Association for the Promotion of Contemporary Art in Japan

Mori Yuichi / MORI YU GALLERY, Kyoto
Vice President
Inoue Yoshiaki / Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery, Osaka
Hayashi Satoshi / Gallery Nomart, Osaka
Ishida Katsuya / MEM, Tokyo
Katoh Yoshio / Contemporary Art Planning KATOH YOSHIO OFFICE, Hyogo
Yagi Mitsue / ARTCOURT Gallery, Osaka
Yamaguchi Takashi / Gallery Yamaguchi Kunst-Bau, Osaka
Matsuo Ryoichi / TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY, Osaka
Hosokawa Kayoko / Gallery Hosokawa, Osaka

ART OSAKA Organizing Office

Miyamoto Noriko / General Manager
Murotani Tomoko / Manager
Kawanishi Haruka / Manager
Suzuki Kasumi / Manager
Nakajima Yuri / Assistant Manager
Kumano Yutaka / Public Relations(SNS)

Matsuo Ryoichi(TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY)/ Expanded Exhibitor Relations
Sakuraoka Satoshi(FINCH ARTS)/ Expanded Exhibitor Relations
Okada Shinpei(TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY)/ Galleries Exhibitor Relations
Harada Yu(Yu Harada)/ Galleries Exhibitor Relations

Koizumi Tomoko / Public Relations(Press)
Tamaki Shinsuke / Public Relations(SNS)
Sato Daisuke(sato design.) / Publicity Design
Sakai Ryuta / WEB, System Design
Taiya Yuico / Photography
Duncan Brotherton / Translation