Astrid Köppe

Baran Lightbox I

Baran, LED panel, wooden frame

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Drawing is the foundation and always the core of my work. The objects shown in my drawings are ambivalent from the very start. They seem familiar and are done in a very precise ad detailed way – therefore giving the impression of showing something very specific – yet you can never quite pin down what you are looking at. More often than not, the viewer is thrown into a state of cognitive dissonance.

If the opportunity presents itself, I like to extend this approach into the 3D. This usually happens when I come across an interesting material that aligns well with my visual vocabulary and has the potential to develop into something else. Such materials can be very commonplace, everyday objects – something about them will catch my eye, and I start to explore their visual and sculptural qualities. Often it just takes a little twist to completely change the perception of a thing. This can happen by placing them in an unusual context, amassing them when they are usually seen seperately etc. …

At Osaka Art Fair, apart from my drawings and large scale vitreous enamels, I show a selection of installation works I have developed over the years based on this approach.
These installations have been specifically adapted for the given space.

Artist Profile

Astrid Köppe

1974 Born in Köthen/ Anhalt, Germany
1999 Diploma Fine Art and Meisterschüler degree, Braunschweig School of Arts, Braunschweig, Germany

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2023 "Pretty Shiny Stuff" Arte Giani / Frankfurt, Germany
2021 "Chaosmos 6 – Into A Silent Spring” Sakura City Museum of Art / Chiba, Japan
2020 "konfabulasi" Gallery Sekiryu / Tokyo, Nagano, japan

Public Collections
Kupferstichkabinett Museum of Prints and Drawings / Berlin
Hamburger Kunsthalle / Hamburg
Berlinische Galerie Museum of Modern Art / Berlin