Nakayashiki Tomonari

What Can Be Touched Can Be Touched

Oil, acrylic, solid marker, tape on canvas

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At ART OSAKA 2024, KOKI ARTS will showcase Tomoaki Nakayashiki's large-scale works, enveloping the exhibition space with his paintings.

In recent years, Nakayashiki has been using masking tape as a "material/medium" in his paintings, similar to the way paint is used, creating unique layered and textured works that are suggestive of collages or paper cutouts. The masking tape sometimes becomes a line or a color plane, and can also be a physical layer on the canvas. When the paint, masking tape, peeling, transparency of the medium, and space on the canvas is in complete harmony, the relationship between figure and ground becomes blurred, and the inaccuracy and fragility of our visual recognition (perception, intuition, conception) become manifest.

Artist Profile

Nakayashiki Tomonari

1977 Born in Osaka, Japan
2000 Graduated from Kyoto Seika University, Japan

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2023 "To-morrow andto-morrow-and tomorrow, Creeps inthis petty-pace from-day today" KOKI ARTS / Tokyo
2022 "Masking Effect" EUREKA / Fukuoka
2018 "Perpetual Perspectives" KOKI ARTS / Tokyo

Selected Awards
2007 Toyota Art Competition’07 Jury Prize

Public Collections
OralCare Inc., Kamada Soy Sauce Inc.