Mori Koichi + Mashimo Takehisa

Breathing garden

Glass dome with plant, CO2 sensor, depth sensor, projector, audio equipment, lighting equipment, PCs, exhibition box, chair, etc.

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MORI Koichi and MASHIMO Takeshisa have been creating experiential and interactive artworks. These artworks incorporate human bodily activities such as breathing and brain waves to influence the artwork, which in turn affects humans.
In their works exhibited at Art Osaka, human breathing is converted into light, which leads to the photosynthesis in plants. The changes in CO2 concentration due to the photosynthesis and other factors are converted into sound. Breathing, the act of inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide, is essential for human survival. However, oxygen did not exist on Earth at one time. Plant photosynthesis produced oxygen, and because of this, animals, including humans, were able to thrive.
By converting the human life process of breathing into light, the artwork signifies the potential for humans to engage with the life process of plants, photosynthesis. The manifestations of sound and light guided by "breathing" and "photosynthesis" synchronize the “rhythm of life" between humans and plants, creating a new relationship where both permeate and influence each other.

Artist Profile

Mori Koichi + Mashimo Takehisa

2008 Strated

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2023 atmosphere-photosynthesis, Rakushinkan Learning Commons Open Gallery, Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts
2023 atmosphere-photosynthesis, Horikawa Oike Gallery / Kyoto
2022 waiting - cabin, Horikawa Oike Gallery / Kyoto
2020 SZ, Take Two / Kyoto
2018 between, Artzone / Kyoto
2013 E-motion, Seian ART-SITE/ Gallery window / Otsu
2009 virtual / actual [pneuma, TOKIO OUT OF PLACE / Tokyo, The Third Gallery Aya / Osaka