Sunghong Min

Exercise for flexibility

Pigment print on fabric, wooden bead&thread

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Min Sung-hong's sculptural vocabulary is complex and often spreads across a diverse range of approaches depending on the location. Typically gathering items considered trash to form new connections and meanings between objects, the artist contemplates visibility and invisibility in photo collages, drawings, sculptures, and installations.

Artist Profile

Sunghong Min

1972 Born in South Korea
2004 Master of Fine Arts, Painting, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA
1999 Chu-Gye University for the Arts, Seoul, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions
2024 As the Sharp Narrative Fades, A Revealing Map Emerges (Part1), Gallery Chosun / Seoul, Korea
2023 Sensation of Epidermis, Lee Bauwens Gallery / Brussels, Belgium
2023 Flow, Ten Excitements, Former Hwanam Industry / NaJu, Korea
2022 Two mountains, two moons, and water, Bongsan Cultural Center / Deagu, Korea
2020 Drift_ drifting objects, WoominArt Center / Cheongju, Korea
2019 Study for Transition, Space XX / Seoul, Korea

Selected Awards
2023 Park DongJun Prize, Park DongJun Memorial Foundation / Deagu, Korea
2019 Woomin art Award, Woomin Foundation / Cheongju, Korea
2018 International Arts Support Program, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation / Korea
2017 Announced support creative arts activities, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation / Korea
2016 Arts Support Program, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation / Korea

Public Collections
ARTBANK, MMCA, Seoul Museum of Art, Osan Museum of Art
Incheon Foundation for Arts & Culture, Hyundai Museum of Kids’ Books & Art
Woomin Art Center, Cheongju, the the DaDa Inc., Seoul. Korea
Kyeongju Dream Center, The National Museum of Contemporary Art
Capital Group, New York