Kato Takaaki

Kaguyaーinner light

Silkworm cocoon, gold powder, resin, stapler
250×138×70cm × 3works

Reference price: 1,000,000~1,999,999JPY

The work shown here may not be available in the fair.
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The objcts created by Dadaism and Surrealism appear as objects. When tools (controlled objects) created by human beings are combined and become unusable (garbage or works of art), they become objects (objects) and become independent of human hands in the world.
I believe that my works are extension of this process.

Artist Profile

Kato Takaaki

1959 Born in Fukui, Japan
1982 Graduated from Osaka Art University, Japan
1984 Graduated from Osaka Art University Master Degree, Japan
Current, Osaka Art University Associate Professor

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2023 gekilin. / Osaka *2019- 2022
2019 Gallery 16 / Kyoto *1983/1984/1986/1989/1991/1994
2013 NABISU gallery / Tokyo *1991/1993/1996/1998-2004/2006-2012