Karasawa Kensuke


Wood, paraffin, iron
Variable size

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In this exhibition, I aim to take the inherent sense of scale that we see but do not notice in the surrounding scenery, reduce it to sculptural material, and reconstruct it. If what we see is the surface, what I am exploring is the structure and skeleton that underlies it. To a field of vision that encompasses horizontal lines skating and intersecting over the surface, l introduce a deeper perspective that slices through vertically and raises the surface. I am exploring the possibilities of sculpture with a new sense of scale.

Artist Profile

Karasawa Kensuke

1987 Born in Aichi, Japan
2013 MFA, Graduated from Kanazawa College of Art, Japan

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2023 “Unsmooth Gestures Contemporary in Nishio” Iwase Bunko Library / Aichi
2020 “ARTISTS’FAIR KYOTO 2020” The Kyoto Shimbun Blog. B1F / Kyoto
2017 “Mirror Behind Hole Photography into Sculpture vol.6 Kensuke Karasawa” gallery αM / Tokyo

Selected Awards
2021 Toyota City Art Newcomer Award
2013 KANABI Creative Award, Fumio Nanjo Award
2013 Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2013, Kazue Kobata Award