Ishiguro Kenichiro

Must Wear a Gas Mask

Oil on canvas

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We are holding a solo exhibition featuring symbolic works from the career of Kenichiro Ishiguro, a top realist artist. The exhibition focuses on painting not just the astonishingly detailed depictions but also what becomes visible through a deep understanding of the subjects. Every part of his work can stand alone as an object. The worldview, which is a fusion of the worldview of anime, is realistic yet unrealistic. Its uniquely appealing world has earned it high praise both domestically and internationally. The exhibition will showcase landscape paintings from the 90s, the gas mask series and ruins series that began after being shocked by the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas, and the anime series started while reflecting on himself during a stay in Spain. Recently, Ishiguro has expanded his work beyond painting, involving projection mapping, life-sized character parts creation, and proposing comprehensive expressions based on original stories. This exhibition, gathering his works in one place, is rare and showcases his unique world beyond just paintings.

Artist Profile

Ishiguro Kenichiro

1967 Born in Shizuoka Prefecture
1994 Graduated from the Graduate School of Tama Art University
2001 Studied at the Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando (Spain) as an overseas trainee artist dispatched by the Agency for Cultural Affairs
2002 Studied at Complutense University of Madrid
Present Associate Professor at the Faculty of Art, Hiroshima City University.
Hometown Ambassador for Kosai City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2014 Solo VOLTA10 / Basel, Switzerland
2009 Solo Show ART FAIR TOKYO / Tokyo
2004 Solo Show Galerie Nichido / Tokyo 

Selected Awards
2007 First prize for excellence at the 7th Maeda Kanji Grand Prize "Nihonbashi Takashimaya & Kurayoshi Museum"
1999 Won the Nisshin Fire Insurance Prize at the 34th Showakai Exhibition "Nisshin Gallery"

Public Collections
Hamamatsu City Museum of Art, Hoki Museum Exhibition, Crane town Museum