Sanghoon Ahn

i am good a listener

Oil on paper

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Artist Ahn Sang-hoon persistently resists the interpretation of paintings in any specific meaning. For the artist, painting is not a representation of something else, an abstraction of the inner self, language, image, or an exploration of the essence of the painting medium, nor is it related to discourses outside of painting. Therefore, the artist avoids contact with the external world that painting can relate to and strives to erase it from the canvas. Unlike recent paintings that attempt to create a network of meanings, Ahn Sang-hoon's paintings interestingly show traces of representation, reference, appropriation being erased or remaining in a state of inability. The titles of the works, created accidentally using Google search, do not establish any relationship with the images of the works, and the remnants of language within the works, not fully erased, do not function with any meaning.

Artist Profile

Sanghoon Ahn

1975 Born in South Korea
2014 Meisterschüler, Kunstakademie Münster, Münster, Germany
2013 Akademiebrief(Diplom), Kunstakademie Münster, Münster, Germany
2002 B.F.A. in Fine Arts, Chung-Ang University

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions
2023 The face I've loved my whole life, Seoul Artists’ Platform_New & Young / Seoul, Korea
2023 ART-ECOGEOGRAPHY, Pink Factory / Hongcheon, Korea
2022 Wrinkles in repeated sentences, Gallery Chosun / Seoul, Korea
2020 On special days, we need a story – not to wait alone, to remain forgotten, Gallery Chosun / Seoul, Korea

Selected Awards
2023 BENXT, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture / Seoul, Korea
2019 Soorim Award, Soorim Cultural Foundation / Seoul, Korea
2018 Public Art New Hero / Seoul, Korea
2017 This Year’s Platform Artist Award, Incheon Art Platform / Incheon, Korea
2015 Work Scholarship Sachsen-Anhalt / Germany

Public Collections
ARTBANK, MMCA, CAN foundation, Soorim culture foundation