Suda Hinako


Acrirlc spray on canvas

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Hinako Suda creates works based on the concept of "the gap between the body and the spirit," in which she uses body to dissipate the growing frustration from the outside.

Suda's works are somehow comical, sexy, and deeply spiritual, with a definite sense of flesh. Her rhythmic, powerful, and tranquil lines are so expressive that words are no longer necessary.

Some people see in her works a deep prayer, similar to that of Matisse in his later years, while others see an ethereal beauty in the margins of her works. Her work, like a young tree deeply rooted in the history of art, contains the potential of art.

Artist Profile

Suda Hinako

1998 Born in Tokyo, Japan
2023 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions
2023 Step on a chair (GINZA TSUTAYA BOOKS)
2020 Solo Exhibition -Wind Blows, Okeya Gets Profit- (JINEN GALLERY)
2019 Solo Exhibition -nobodyknows- (JINEN GALLERY)
2019 Hinako Suda and Rui Yamagata Group Exhibition (JINEN GALLERY)
2016 Tokyo Metropolitan Senior High School of the Arts, Graduation Exhibition