Season Lao

KYOSHITSU SHOHAKU (An Empty Room Turns White For Enlightenment)

Tree stump, kozo paper, glass
Dimension variable

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In his early twenties, a collection of his works drew widespread public attention that led to the demolition of a group of historical buildings, including his ancestral home, being called off. It was this incident that inspired him to push forward with his artistic endeavors. Through a fortuitous encounter with the Hokkaido region, the artist established a base in Hokkaido and Kyoto and has since exhibited his works both domestically and internationally.

His artistic practice revolves around the concept of co-suscitation (縁起) and the insights gained through spontaneous events and natural phenomena (自ら然る, Onozukarashikari). Among his works are a series of pieces showing the blank white spaces (余白) arising from fortuitous natural occurrences, such as snow and fog, as well as another series focusing on the interplay between antiques and his exploration.

This work is part of the same series featured in the ongoing solo exhibition at the Museum of Asian Arts of Nice (Musée départemental des arts asiatiques de Nice). Drawing inspiration from the Mount Penglai-Shenxian Thought's landscape world, it dissolves the boundary between viewer and artwork, redefining the relationship between subjecthood and objecthood.

Artist Profile

Season Lao

1987 Born in Macao
2010 Graduated from Macao Polytechnic University

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions
2023 Museum of Asian Arts of Nice - Nice France
2021 FLEXFORM TOKYO - Tokyo, Japan
2021 ART TAIPEI Taipei World Trade Center - Taipei, Taiwan
2019 Elizabeth de C. Wilson Museum - Vermont, USA
2015 L’UOMO NEL PAESAGGIO San Pietro in Atrio - Como, Italy

Selected Awards
2023 The Ritz-Carlton Fukuoka collection
2022 Setsu Niseko collection
2021 Nipponia Mino Shokamachi collection
2013 Macau Museum of Art collection
2013 Guest judge at Unknown Asia (Osaka)