Osaki Nobuyuki

Travel Journal

Mixed media, video installation
Dimension variable

Installation view (detail) :
「DOMANI: The Art of Tomorrow Exhibition 2022–23」
The National Art Center, Tokyo
Photo: Otsuka Keita + Inaguchi Shunta
Photo Courtesy: The Agency of Cultural Affairs

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Think about myself and others, about memory and recognition, about reality of us who live in an information society. Also, think about our future, such as politics, society, and unpredictable natural disasters.
The more I think about them, the more I realize that "this world" is full of ambiguity and uncertainty.
It is not negative thinking, the state of "ambiguity" and "uncertainty" is the possibilities for the fluid unknown as far as I perceive the world.
Using my own existence as a coordinate axis, I question how the world is and its possibilities.

Artist Profile

Osaki Nobuyuki

1975 Born in Osaka, Japan
2000 MFA, Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, Japan

Selected Museum Exhibitions(2011~ )
2022 “DOMANI: The Art of Tomorrow” Exhibition 2022–23 A century back, a century forward The National Art Center, Tokyo
2020 Linking Transformations, Stadtgalerie Kiel, Kiel (Germany)
2015 "Constellations: Practices for Unseen Connections/ Discoveries" Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo
2013 The Vision of Contemporary Art 2013, The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
2012 "The Contemporary Paintings through the Curator's Eye” Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art
2012 "Contemporary Art from Nagoya: The World seen from this Position"Nagoya City Art Museum, Aichi

Selected Awards
2021-22 Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists, Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan (Stuttgart, Germany)
2017 The 32th Sakuya Konohana Award, Osaka City
2015 Encouragement Award, Award for Artists from Nagoya City
2013 Received the award of fine work in "VOCA 2013"