Okada Yurina

OSAKA 001.

Panel, modeling paste, photo

Reference price: 100,000~199,999JPY

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Yurina Okada creates new two-dimensional works that interweave painting and photographic techniques. Her work is based on the belief that “everything decays,” which makes the intentionally applied cracks in the picture plane relevant to the Japanese aesthetic of “beauty of imperfection. Okadaʼs work makes a statement about the problem of superficiality of two-dimensional works such as “Faktura” of the Russian avant-garde from a Japanese perspective.

Artist Profile

Okada Yurina

1995 Born in Hyogo, Japan
2020 Kyoto University of the Arts Graduate School Master’s Degree

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions
2023 Art Fair Tokyo 2023 Galleries Section biscuit gallery booth, Tokyo
2022 DREAM IN OUT, Special publication exhibition, biscuit gallery, Tokyo
2022 Art Fair Tokyo 2022 solo exhibition in Projects section, Tokyo
2021 Walk in a dream, ARTDYNE Tokyo, Tokyo

Selected Awards
2019 The Art of Color DIOR 2019 winner, France
2018 ART AWARD MARUNOUCHI 2018 (Shigeo Goto Award) , Tokyo
2017 TOKYO FRONTLINE PHOTO AWARD#7 (Shigeo Goto Award) ,Tokyo