Matsuda Shōei

The Concept of “White Magazine” LOGIN_TO_THE_REALITY

Laser printings, NFC card, acrylic case, vinyl sheet

Reference price: 200,000~499,999JPY

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Shōei Matsuda began his career in social media in 2010, garnering attention as an anonymous artist who has a significant impact on the masses and society. His events, instructions, and performances, which he creates collaboratively with people, are highly regarded as a practice that questions the subjectivity and authorship of the post-social media era and creates new communality by directly intervening in cities and society. Since 2020, he has started using his real name and has been attempting to update people's perceptions through conceptual and poetic practices on celebrities, economies, and landscapes in the network era, utilizing various media such as installations, sculptures, prints, and videos.

Artist Profile

Matsuda Shōei

1986 Born in kanagawa, Japan

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions
2023 It Knows: When Form Becomes Mind, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa / ishikawa
2022 Solo Exhibitions "Extreme Conceptual", EUKARYOTE / Tokyo
2022 Roppongi Art Night, TOKYO MIDTOWN / Tokyo
2021 THE CHIBA CITY FESTIVAL OF ARTS, Jack into the Noösphere, Mihamaen / Chiba
2021 Mob World Reverb, TALION GALLERY / Tokyo