Konno Kenta

Bone and Flesh No.08

Andesite, straw, shuro, raffia

Reference price: 200,000~499,999JPY

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Kenta Konno completed his doctoral studies at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and lives and works in the suburbs of Hiroshima City.

He consistently creates stone sculptures of the human body. The theme of his work is the anxiety and uncertainty of human beings who cannot even grasp themselves.
In recent years, he has been creating a series of small works, "Tenohira," using scraps of stone generated during the production of large works, fusing the details of his own palms with ancient sculptures.
He has also produced a series of works, "Amukao" which combines stone carvings and mask made of fiber materials.
Focusing on the permanence of stone and the delicacy of other materials, he is expanding his range of expression.

Artist Profile

Konno Kenta

1980 Born in Tokyo, Japan
2009 Ph.D. in sculpture, Tokyo University of the Arts (TUA), Japan

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2022 "Participation mystique" Hiroshima Art Center, Hiroshima
2020 "Deposition" HARMAS GALLERY, Tokyo
2019 "Palm of the Hand Sculptures " HARMAS GALLERY, Tokyo
2017 "Between the eternal and the moment " Takashimaya Art Gallery X, Tokyo
2012 "Shake" Gendai Heights Gallery Den, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions
2021 "Appearance of line-of-sight" HARMAS GALLERY, Tokyo
2018 "Sculpted in Time – Narrative Existence" The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of The Arts, Tokyo
2016 "Sculpture -anachronism & flash" Chinretsukan gallery, The University Art Museum,Tokyo University of The Arts, Tokyo
2012 "Tactile Sense of Act, Thinking of Repetition" The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
2009 "Sculpture -Blues & Low Blow" Chinretsukan gallery, The University Art Museum,Tokyo University of The Arts, Tokyo