Masato Akai


Wood, acrylic paint, soil, slag, wood glue, wood glue

Reference price: 2,000,000~4,999,999JPY

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Omine in the Kii mountain range, culture, lifestyle, and beliefs have been passed down from generation to generation to the present day. I would like to ask the following questions. Since ancient times, people have worshipped the mountain itself as a sacred body, and by entering the mountain, or the sacred body, and practicing asceticism, they have tried to gain mystical power and achieve salvation for themselves and others. By entering the other world of the mountains, he hopes to express the connections and distortions between the ancient and modern worlds, and to explore the essence of nature and human beings.
The carbonized sculptures with black as their base color remind me of the goma burning and the smoldering inside of a temple hall on a sacred mountain, and the rough carving of wood expresses the natural formations in the mountains. The work reproduces a different space by listening to the voices of divine and earth spirits and gaining magical powers.

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Artist Profile

Masato Akai

1981 Born in Tenkawa Village, Yoshino, Nara Prefecture
2003 Graduated from the Nara College of Art

Solo exhibition
2020 Utsusenoho, Gallery OUT of PLACE / Tokyo, Japan
2017 Kotoyonohora, Gallery OUT of PLACE / Nara, Japan
         Tsukamorinome, Gallery Asuka / Nara, Japan 
2006 The Eyes of the Inner Man, Kita Museum of Art / Nara, Japan 
2005 L'Espoir, Surugadai Gallery, Ginza / Tokyo, Japan

Group exhibition 
2020 Minamonomine, Koriyama ancient castle / Nara, Japan
2020 The Voice of the Wilderness, Tenkawa-mura Museum / Nara, Japan
2019 Linking Landscape, Nara Prefectural Museum of Art Gallery / Nara, Japan
         Konshin Exhibition, Gallery OUT of PLACE / Nara, Japan
2018 3331 ART FAIR 3331 Arts Chiyoda / Tokyo, Japan 
2016 Art Festival of Machiya House, Nara, Old Kometani House / Nara , Japan
2016 RinRin Exhibition, Gallery Yusai / Nara, Japan  
2011 Kaze no Kai '14 '18, Setsuryosha Art Museum / Niigata, Japan
2008 Setsuryosha Firenze Prize Exhibition / Niigata, Japan