Koji Kamamoto × Masahiro Hasegawa

Masahiro Hasegawa「Lotus」

Iron, glass

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Koji Kamamoto (born 1978) and Masahiro Hasegawa (born 1961) are both writers who work on three-dimensional works using metal as a material.
Mr. Kamamoto continues to challenge the possibility of expressing the material by using brass, nickel silver, etc., and Mr. Hasegawa mainly using iron.
By superimposing the works of two people who try to express the life of life in the unstable environment of "drifting life" (Kamamoto) and "floating space" (Hasegawa) while using a hard material called metal. I would like to present the charm of the world view created by the further deepening of the expressed metal works and the reverberation of their uniqueness.

Artist Profile

Koji Kamamoto × Masahiro Hasegawa

Koji Kamamoto / 1978 Born in Nara Prefecture 2001 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts, Department of Crafts, Department of Metal Crafts 2003 Completed Graduate School of Arts, Osaka University of Arts 2015 HANARART 2016 ROKKO Meet Art
Masahiro Hasegawa / 1961 Born in Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture 1984 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts, Department of Metal Crafts 1986 Completed Graduate School of Kanazawa College of Art, Department of Sculpture 2011 Kizugawa Art