Tomohiro Kato

anonymous - human#4

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Born in Tokyo, 1981. Finished a master’s degree at Tama Art University (department of ceramic, glass, and metal works). Trying to define the borderline in society by using metal. Recently working on a series named “anonymous” which Kato scans the people who have criminal history or weapons by 3D scanners and form a complicated iron structure that has the burly and strong mood of iron and visual effects caused by this unique structure. Also, Kato is working on a series called “iron oxide painting” in which he uses original paint made of medium with crushed oxide iron and it is hard to define if it is a real iron or not. As it is described as mimicking iron itself. Kato is currently working on these two series.
This sculpture expresses the repetitive shadows crawling on an anonymous human body using a complex series of steel lines. By shifting one’s viewpoint while looking at the sculpture, the complex sequence and overlapping of the steel lines create the effect of interference fringes (moiré). Hard materials are transformed into castrated, floating, ghost-like forms.

Artist Profile

Tomohiro Kato

Born in 1981

[Selected Solo Exhibitions]
2022  ‘TEKKYO’ | HUNCH, Tokyo
2019  ‘Anonymous’ | TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY, Osaka
2013  ‘Sun & Steel’ | Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum, Tokyo
2012  ‘Life is Steelfull’ | TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY, Osaka

[Selected Group Exhibitions, Art Fairs]
2021  ‘Art Collaboration Kyoto 2021’ | 国立京都国際会館イベントホール, 京都
2021  WHAT CAFE × DELTA exhibition ‘EXPANSION’ | WHAT CAFE, 東京
2020  ‘ART OSAKA WALL by APCA’ |山川ビル, 大阪
2019  ‘ART TAIPEI 2019’ | 台北世界貿易センター, 台湾
2015  ‘ART 15’ | Olympia London, イギリス