Kishi Omori


steel, plastic model decal, chemical lacquer paint

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Kishi Omori is mainly involved in the production of three-dimensional works, focusing on materials and ready-made objects with a fragmented nature, such as metal steel and plastic models, which he has had a passion for since his childhood. His recent activities include the release of his "Training Day" series, a collection of works created by the assemblage of plastic model parts.
The specificity and background of "plastic models," a product and medium that has developed uniquely in the island nation from the postwar period to the present, and sculptures in the modern era and beyond. While interpreting these two imported cultures in his own unique way, he examines the existence and nature of various sizes and scales.

Artist Profile

Kishi Omori

1990 Born in Tokyo
2018 PhD on Sculpture, Tokyo University of The Arts, Tokyo, Japan

2013 Mitsubishi Estate Award

Solo Show
2016 [CASE YELLOW] / gallery Gen, Tokyo, Japan
2018 [Training Day] / Tomakomai City Museum of Art, Hokkaido, Japan
2019 [EMPIRE OF THE PATCHWORKS] / Gallery HIROUMI, Tokyo, Japan

Group Show
2018 [GRAVITY] / Tennoz central tower, Tokyo, Japan
2019 [TOKUNSTERLEM] / Kunst Academy Munster, Munster, Germany
2020 [The 100th Anniversary | Robot and the Arts – Humanoid Crossing boundaries] / Tomakomai Museum of Art, Hokkaido, Japan
2021 [AOMORI MUSEUM OF ART_ MARCH 6 – MAY 9, 2021_《Training Day – Patchwork Super Robot》] / Aomori Museum of Art, Aomori, Japan