Yasuaki Onishi

Stone and Fence

Metal foil, iron
Yasuaki Onishi×Fukuda Metal Foil & Powder Co., Ltd.
Artwork produced for KYOTO STEAM 2022 International Art Competition

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Artist statement:

There are voids and blank spaces that we are unconscious of in everyday life. Onishi reconstructs these “spaces” and “boundaries by using various materials. Inside and outside, front and back, and the boundaries between are made visible in his works questioning the relationships between various things like humankind and nature.

In ART OSAKA 2022 Expanded, Onishi borrows the form of stones, which symbolizes the accumulation of time, and attempts to trace an entire riverbed. Stones, magmatic solidifications born from the earth’s core, are shaped by the accumulation of sediment and the currents of the rivers; they travel across the earth’s surface and expand horizontally into riverbeds. These stones found in the riverbed have been molded with copper foil revealing their inner and outer shapes, giving form to the volume and time of the stones that will and have been reduced. It can be said that these stones have been reconstructed and returned to their larger forms. The audience can view the work from either perspective and confront the existentially questionable boundaries between inside and outside, interior and exterior.

Artist Profile

Yasuaki Onishi

Born in 1979

2004 MFA in Sculpture, Kyoto City University of Arts

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2019 Permeating Landscape, Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, Las Vegas, USA
2017 Edges, ARTCOURT Gallery, Osaka [2014]
2012 reverse of volume, Rice University Art Gallery, Houston, Texas, USA
2011 reverse of volume, Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, Nagoya

Selected Group Exhibitions
2022 KYOTO STEAM 2022 International Art Competition, Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art
2020 Takamatsu Contemporary Art annual vol. 09: Imagine the Presence of "Time" - leads us to the new views, Takamatsu Art Museum
2019 THE MOON - From Inner Worlds to Outer Space, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Danmark

Selected Awards
2013 31st Sakuya Konohana Award
2007 Taro Prize, The 10th Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art