artists for street summit -AITO KITAZAKI, TABBY, JEFF GILLETTE-

Aito Kitazaki “from the series of 'Seven Deadly Stays'”

Acrylic and collage on used empty frame

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Focused how depict the ancient Christian teaching "Seven Deadly Sins" by 3 artist from Japan, Europe and United States.

Artist Profile

artists for street summit -AITO KITAZAKI, TABBY, JEFF GILLETTE-

Aito Kitazaki
Born in 1989 in Kanagawa. He flew to London in 2012 and exhibited some group shows in Dubai, LA and more. His first solo show was held at Graffik Gallery(London) in 2014. Aito got many offers to paint murals from NY, Shanghai and Phillippines. He published his first photo album titled "You Never Know Until You Try" this April.

Born in Austria. His comercial profile is undisclosed. Started his career around 2012. His first group show in Japan was held at Art Osaka in 2015, then his first solo show at Gallery Kawamatsu in 2018. He also did collab with Ben Eine at Moniker Art Fair, London.

Jeff Gillette
Born in 1982 in Detroit, US. After graduated the highschool, spent 2 years in Nepal and India as a Peace Corps member. He travelled many severe places as Northern Africa, South east Asia and more. When he visited Disneyland, he disillusioned this artificial space and raised the idea of depressed "Dismayland" which Banksy took this idea and improved his installation "Dismaland" in 2015. Jeff was invited to Dismaland as one of main artists.