Kai Maetani


4K video

Reference price: 100,000~199,999JPY

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I make artworks mainly using photography as a method of transforming and confirming my own actions. While confirming my position in relation to situations that appear from time to time in the city, in nature, or in relation to others, I enter into these situations, and present them as artworks by documenting them through photographs, videos, and my body. I attempts to share a new experience that is at once personal and yet also open.

Artist Profile

Kai Maetani

Born in 1988

2021“Light of My World” Group Exhibition, Former Ginrei Building, Kyoto/Japan
  “Ship, Reaching, Shore” Group Exhibiton, TALION GALLERY, Tokyo/Japan
  “Salt of the Blood” Group Exhibiton, LEESAYA, Tokyo/Japan
2020 “The Analogical Mirrors”, Yamanaka Suplex, Shiga/Japan
   “Daikyoto Art Festival in Kyotango 2020”, Kyoto/Japan  
2019 “Roppongi Crossing 2019: Connexions”, Mori Art Museum,Tokyo/Japan