Hisanori Namiki

We are heading to the sunset

Material Cement, wood

Reference price: 1,000,000~1,999,999JPY

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I studied sculpture at Aichi University of the Arts and has continued to produce two-dimensional works in parallel.The theme is consistently centered on the main theme, "Where do humans come from and where do they go?", And the current production focuses on ancient ruins and the lives of humans at that time.The work is mainly composed of installations and drawings, and explores the "intelligence" that humans have created by incorporating the perspectives of fields such as space engineering and psychoanalysis with the remains mentioned above as the basic form.

Artist Profile

Hisanori Namiki

Born in 1996

Educational background: 2019 Aichi University of the Arts Sculpture Undergraduate Graduation、2021 Aichi University of the Arts Sculpture Grad student Completion、2022 Aichi University of the Arts Sculpture Trainee Completion
Solo exhibition: 2021「THIS IS THE STORY OF OUR LONG JOURNEY」NagoyaSakaeMitsukoshi ARTE CASA,Aichi
Group exhibition: 2021「Matsusaka Culture Street」Harada Jiro Old house,Mie、2022「Drawing exhibition 2022」gallery MOS,Mie
Award: 2021「Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2021」Winning、 「Art・Meets・Architecture・Competition 2021」Winning