The annual KCUA Transmit Program Installation view 2018 photo by Takeru Koroda
KCUA Transmit Program 2018. Installation view.  Photo by Takeru Koroda
Room #6108 & 6109

Kyoto City University of Arts “KCUA Transmit Program 2018: ART OSAKA Version”

Over the years, ART OSAKA has introduced young and promising artists to the art fair exhibitions through collaboration with Kyoto City University of Arts. This year we will hold a group exhibition with four young artists; Sae Fujita (Printmaking), Sayoko Kobayashi (Nihonga, or Japanese-style painting), Yohei Kumano (Concept and Media Planning), and Momoko Yoshida (Oil Painting). Don’t miss this chance to witness the bursting energy of these young artists.

Sae Fujita / Sayoko Kobayashi  / Yohei Kumano / Momoko Yoshida
Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery @KCUA
Kyoto City University of Arts Career Design Center
“Reconsideration: Art Scene in 1980s
Masahiro Yasugi(Head researcher at the National Museum of Art, Osaka)

“Reconsideration: Art Scene in 1980s” (Japanese only)

In the 1980s, Modernism came to the end and the Postmodernism era began. In the era of cultural globalization that came along with the arrival of Postmodernism, art parted from the Modern art tradition and brought forth Postmodernism.
One of the important characteristics of Postmodernism is its remarkable diversity. Contemporary art in Japan went through “Gutai” and “Mono-ha” and entered the Post Mono-ha era, and in the late 1980s it demonstrated a diversity which had never seen before.
This year, exhibitions themed ‘Japanese art of the 1980s’ have been held all over Japan, and the National Museum of Art,
Osaka will hold an exhibition “New Wave: Japanese Contemporary Art of the 1980s” this November. Mr. Masahiro Yasugi,
the curator of this exhibition, will talk about the fascinating aspects of art in the 1980s from the curator’s point of view.

7th(Sat) July
Hotel Granvia Osaka, 20th floor, Crystal room
Guest Speaker:
Masahiro Yasugi(Head researcher at the National Museum of Art, Osaka)
Yoshio Katoh (President of Contemporary Art Planning KATOH YOSHIO OFFICE, ART OSAKA Committee)
Free (The fair entrance,1500yen, is needed.)
40 people
Advance Registration

Please send an email to info@artosaka.jp with the required information below to register.

Your name, number of participants (maximum 2), and phone number which is reachable on the day.