ROOM #6019

Awaking by Art vol.4  collaboration with Kyoto City University of Arts

Choi Dajung, Yūka Nishihisamatsu, Misaki Higashine, Yukari Motoyama

In “ART OSAKA” where the trends of contemporary art in Kansai are put together, it is one of our missions to create a meeting place with young talented artists.
We have introduced young artists through the exhibitions named “Awaking by Art”, collaborating with Kyoto City University of Art – Career Design Center since 2013.
As the 4th edition, we will introduce four young stars, who are selected intensively by ART OSAKA executive committees from the University’s annual exhibition in the last February.
We hope to enjoy the transformed room no.6019 by challenging power of young artists.

Partner: Kyoto City University of Arts Career Design Center
Support: Kyogeitomonokai

ROOM #6219

Attack of Japanese Abstract Paintings

Ken Kagajo, Nobuyuki Osaki, Satoshi Uchiyama, Junta Egawa, Akira Okamoto, mariane, Hiroko Yamaji, Ryuichiro Ando
Yoshio Katoh, Contemporary Art Planning KATOH YOSHIO OFFICE

We will hold a special exhibition Attack of Japanese Abstract Paintings as part of ART OSAKA 2016. This exhibition is the second in the series, following the selfsame titled exhibition held last year. Focusing on abstract art from the younger generation artists, now in their thirties and forties, we have selected eight artists represented by the fair’s participating galleries. When we think of abstract abstract art, we normally think of abstract expressionist paintings and geometric paintings. In this exhibition, however, we will draw attention to broader media, such as photography, film, and textiles, and introduce artworks which will expand and deviate from the concept of abstract painting, which has its origins in Modernism. We hope this exhibition will provide an occasion for the fair guests to sense the potentials of contemporary abstract paintings. 

Support: the three konohana, Gallery Hosokawa, Gallery OUT of PLACE, eitoeiko, Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery, studio J, NANZUKA, MORI YU GALLERY

Artist’s Talk(Venue:#6219)

* Only in Japanese
* Capacity:app.10 people /time

2nd (Sat) July
2:00pm- Satoshi Uchiyama, Junta Egawa
4:00pm- Nobuyuki Osaki, Akira Okamoto
3rd (Sun) July
2:00pm- mariane
4:00pm- Ken Kagajo, Ryuichiro Ando

Ayano Sudo Solo Exhibition

Ayano Sudo 《Autoscopy》2015 ©Ayano Sudo

ROOM #6300

Picture Photo Space Ayano Sudo Solo Exhibition Commemorating Masato Aino

Ayano Sudo

Art Osaka will hold a solo exhibition featuring Ayano Sudo, in memory of the director of Picture Photo Space, Mr. Masato Aino, who passed away in January this year. Mr. Aino introduced and proactively promoted Sudo’s artworks to both the Japanese and international audiences in his latter years.
Picture Photo Space was founded in 1984 as one of a few galleries in Japan, specializing in photography. It has exhibited numerous photographic works from both Japanese and international artists. This exhibition will also include a selection of archive documents from previous exhibitions held at Picture Photo Space.