#6019:Japanese Abstraction Paintings

The golden era of abstract painting is in the 1960's and 1970's. In the 1980's, representational painting made a comeback in the art world, also termed as New Painting. In recent years, subcultures such as animation and comics have gathered attention from all over the world. In view of this context, what kind of potential do abstract painting have today?
In the pursuit of “new theories in abstract painting,” we will be showing abstract paintings of contemporary Japanese artists, examining abstract qualities in both representational paintings and art installations.

Tadaaki Kuwayama, Hideki Kimura, Tsuyoshi Higashijima
Yoshihiko Kitano, Yoshinobu Nakagawa, Midori Terashima, Kohei Nawa

Curator:Contemporary Art Planning KATOH YOSHIO OFFICE


Tadaaki Kuwayama 「Pink and Yellow」
Anodized Titanium|20×20×5cm each|28 pieces|2013

Leaflet, PDF

#6109:The Power of Photography

Fine-Art Photography Association (FAPA) has founded in 2013 by a group of commercial galleries and publishers to promote the idea of Photography as art in Japan. This exhibition is its first activity in KANSAI area of FAPA.

Miyako Ishiuchi, Joel-Peter Witkin, Osamu Shiihara, Nobuhiro Nakanishi
Ikko Narahara, Hiroshi Nomura, Natsumi Hayashi, Naoki Honjo
Yusuke Yamatani, Wataru Yamamoto

MEM, nap gallery, Picture Photo Space, POETIC SCAPE
Taka Ishii Gallery, The Third Gallery Aya, YUKA TSURUNO GALLERY
Yumiko Chiba Associates

Partner:Fine-Art Photography Association


Natsumi Hayashi 「Today's Levitation 06/25/2011」 chromogenic print
39.6×52.8cm|2014|©Natsumi Hayashi, courtesy MEM

#6219:“Awaking by Art vol.3” collaboration with Kyoto City University of Arts

In “ART OSAKA” where the trends of contemporary art in Kansai are put together, it is one of our missions to create a meeting place with young talented artists.
We have introduced young artists through the exhibitions named “Awaking by Art”, collaborating with Kyoto City University of Art - Career Design Center since 2013.
As the 3rd edition, we will introduce five young stars, who are selected intensively by ART OSAKA executive committees from the University’s annual exhibition in the last February.
We hope to enjoy the transformed room no.6219 by challenging power of young artists.

Takuma Imao, Rieko Egami, Miyako Tengyu, Taishi Nishi, Sae Fujita

Partner:Kyoto City University of Arts


[Upper]Taishi Nishi 「To the stormy inside」, Sae Fujita 「toire1」,
Rieko Egami 「INNER trip」
[Lower]Takuma Imao 「Sympathy」, Miyako Tengyu 「We seed burnt field」

All events take place on 26th Floor, HOTEL GRANVIA OSAKA